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Quality Commercial Glass Solutions in Chicago Create Visionary Solutions with Commercial Glass Chicago

When you need commercial or residential glass solutions, Window & Glass Company in Chicago, IL has everything you need to make it perfect. From storefront doors near Chicago including revolving and sliding doors to aluminum windows, curtain walls, and glass office partitions, we have all kinds of options that are perfect.

We have been providing all kinds of custom commercial glass for various applications and businesses with incredibly specialized skills for years. So we are the commercial glass company in Chicago, IL that knows how to do it all. Our expertise is versatile to help with residential glass needs too.

It all starts with commercial glass doors that are custom fit so you can be open for business. Our commercial window replacement in Chicago, IL offers you the opportunity to give your building or business the new look that will attract attention. And where you need interior glass partitions or a uniquely designed curtain wall, Windows & Glass Company has all the options you can imagine to make your office space work for you.

Contact Commercial Windows & Glass Company in Chicago, IL today. Let’s discuss the exterior and interior glass requirements for your business, or even for your home, from storefront doors near Chicago to glass railings and window replacement.

Professional Glass Solutions in Chicago - Commercial Windows & Glass Company - Check our Offer and Choose Our Professional Service in Chicago, IL!


Commercial Glass Doors Chicago

Welcome your customers right with custom commercial glass doors in Chicago, IL. Designed the way you envision your doors to be, we make sure you have the look you want with the professional attention to detail needed for a precise installation. We can create exactly what you’re looking for through our experience and innovative thinking, so you don’t have to stop at just a standard commercial glass door. Our team offers creative solutions for your business.


Commercial Storefront Doors Chicago

Our commercial storefront doors near Chicago give you options for how you want to welcome people into your business. You have choices for color, whether you want a single door entry or a double door, and possibly even a sliding door. Consult with us on the best possible option for you and we will work with you to accurately measure and install your new storefront doors near Chicago. Make it the right gateway to your business with Commercial Windows & Glass Company Chicago, IL.


Commercial Window Replacement Chicago

If you want a new look from your windows or if they are simply broken or old windows, count on our commercial window replacement service. We replace your old windows to maintain the same appearance or we can customize a new look with different tints and trims. We are also able to deal with interior commercial window replacement in Chicago that offers a way to maintain your workflow while renewing a wide-open look to your floorplan, and it’s all done with great expertise.


Commercial Glass Repair Chicago

When you need commercial glass repair or even residential glass emergencies, it needs attention fast. That’s why we are always ready to move so we can be there for your glass repair when you need us most. Whether it’s exterior or interior, our commercial glass repair is handled by true professionals to match your existing glass and make it whole again. For all kinds of glass repair, Commercial Windows & Glass Company is the answer.


Commercial Window Repair Chicago

Trust in Commercial Windows & Glass Company’s commercial window repair to get your windows back in shape fast. We have window repair experts ready to go so you can rest assured that it will be taken care of quickly and efficiently by the professionals.


Storefront Glass Chicago

Whether you are opening a new store or you want to change your existing one, we can make it look right, just the way you imagine, with our expertise in storefront glass. We can custom design the ideal storefront glass for your business, giving you the image you want.


Glass Partition Walls Chicago

Give your office space the separation you need while also keeping it wide open visually with glass office partitions. Glass partition walls offer great style and flow to your work environment creating a wonderfully appealing place to work and to welcome visitors.


Glass Railing Chicago

Adding a glass railing system to your home or business can take your décor to the next level. Glass stair railings offer a modern look that is inviting for employees and clients in your office.

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Why the Ideal Commercial Glass Company is Commercial Windows & Glass in Chicago, IL

Over our years of bringing top-quality commercial glass in Chicago to businesses in every industry, Commercial Windows & Glass Company has become the staple for providing expert glass solutions. Whether you need storefront doors near Chicago or commercial window replacement, glass partitions or curtain walls, at Commercial Windows & Glass Company in Chicago, we do it all to perfection.

We don’t just stop at professional custom glasswork for residential and commercial applications. Our experience has also taught us that the customer is the most valuable commodity we work with. That’s why our focus is entirely on providing you with the best possible service you can find.

High Quality Materials Our Glass Company In Chicago, IL Use for Storefront Doors Near Chicago

When it comes to your commercial glass doors or storefront doors near Chicago, it will vary on the thickness of the glass. When owning a commercial space, the thicker the glass, the better.
Our company provides different types of services, such as commercial window replacements, repairs, and installing glass entry doors to your commercial spaces. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure that your area is protected from people or any weather conditions it may face. Enhanced durability and safer fragments make tempered glass the best solution for storefront doors. The manufacturing process is the glass is heated and then rapidly cooled to make it a tempered glass. This procedure makes the glass stronger and less prone to scratches and breakage. When tempered glass is broken, it will disintegrate into many small chunks that are not as sharp as your annealed glass. Contact us so that we can install your tempered glass to your storefronts or commercial spaces.

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We serve also glass shower door installation & repair

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The Advantages of Storefront Doors Near Chicago - Choose Our Experts of Commercial Windows & Glass Company in Chicago!

The exterior of any business reflects a company’s identity and sense of style. You need to ensure that your place looks clean and professional. If you are starting a new business or you haven’t updated in at least a decade, here are some reasons why investing in a glass storefront is a good idea.

Provide Security. Our storefront glass Chicago is designed using tempered glass. This type of lens will provide you the security you need while keeping your merchandised safety displayed. Also, big glass doors or windows discourage people from breaking because it is exposed.

Improve Energy Efficiency. A tempered and tinted glass storefront improves the energy of your commercial building. With high insulation, it can maintain indoor temperatures. Also, a glass storefront increases the availability of natural light without increasing your utility bills.

Enhances Commercial Curb Appeal and Attracts Customers. A beautiful curb encourages the passing motorist to notice your store. A new glass storefront improves the facade and will give you the space to advertise more with digital signs and graphics.

A new glassdoor is a significant improvement in your store. The installation of storefronts needs to done by the professionals. Our commercial glass company in Chicago offers storefront doors near Chicago and commercial window replacement and repair. If you need help with glassdoor repair or installation, call our commercial glassdoor in Chicago to discuss what options would be best for your needs.

Maintenance of Commercial Glass Doors - Chicago Commercial Windows & Glass Company Experts

Business establishments nowadays use commercial glass for their storefront doors in Chicago. Since glass storefront doors near Chicago appear more appealing to the passers by, make sure to give it proper maintenance to prolong the life of your commercial glass doors.

One of the measures is to keep water away from the commercial storefront glass doors. If water or moisture enters, it could weaken the anchoring system. Make sure that your commercial space has adequate drainage to keep water away from the exterior walls.  Check for cracked or opened joints on your commercial glass entry doors, and seal it to avoid further damage. If the sealant used does not fit the color of your commercial storefront doors near Chicago, you can always repaint it once it is dry enough.

Should you have damaged or missing commercial glass doors in Chicago, trust our commercial glass company in Chicago. We will take care of your commercial glass repair.  We also offer commercial window repair and commercial window replacement in Chicago and the nearby area.

Maintaining Commercial Windows - Commercial Windows & Glass Company for All Your Widows Needs in Chicago, IL

We understand that you want your commercial glass windows in Chicago to last and perform their best. However, proper maintenance is needed to ensure that your windows will last for years. Adequate lubrication is necessary since there are moving parts to your windows, which will dry up and will affect the functionality of your windows. Another important thing that you need to pay attention to is the exterior and interior caulking of your windows. Without the proper maintenance of caulking, it can lead to drafts, insect invasion, and water penetration. Lastly, cleaning your windows is key to making it last for years. No one likes dirty, smudge windows from both inside and out.

Our commercial glass company in Chicago will be here to attend to your commercial window repair or commercial window replacement needs. We will provide you with the highest quality of work at an affordable price.

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Clients Testimonials

Eugene CarterEugene Carter
00:49 02 Feb 24
Glass for my table top. Great service!
Henry DanielsHenry Daniels
20:45 16 Apr 23
I am absolutely delighted with my glass doors and the overall service provided by this company. They are skilled and offers only the best selected materials. What I liked the most about them, was a free accurate estimate, which helped me a lot to plan the budget and choose the most beneficial option. I highly recommend them.
Gabriel JacobGabriel Jacob
08:46 28 Jun 22
The new storefront doors installed by this company put my store's name on the map! It’s been on people’s radar since the change happened and I’ve attracted many more customers.
Joy PadillaJoy Padilla
03:06 12 Oct 20
This company has just finished the process of replacing my front glass windows, very painless. Team has arrived on time, they were very respectful, hardworking and gentle which is important. I highly recommend
19:48 24 May 20
I can truly recommend these commercial glass doors Chicago 60634. The contractor is skilled and offers only selected materials. Free estimate helped me to plan the budget and choose the most beneficial option.
Marina GarrisonMarina Garrison
17:22 14 May 20
I run a shop in the city center and I was searching for new storefront doors Chicago 60634. I found this offer and decided to give it a try. The company didn’t disappoint me, the doors undeniably enrich my shop’s appearance.
Byron LockhartByron Lockhart
18:12 08 May 20
A couple of months ago, I found myself in a pickle because I arrived at my cafe with shattered storefront doors in Chicago. I decided to contact your commercial glass doors company to have it fixed. The glass they installed was thick, and I can tell it will last for years!
Mila socttMila soctt
02:37 03 Feb 20
These glass storefront doors Chicago are high-quality and were installed very fluently. I decided to hire this company by accident - because of the quick service need. As it turned out, it was a great choice.
Gabriella TorresGabriella Torres
16:06 23 Jan 20
When I needed commercial glass entry doors Chicago I called these contractors. They came quickly to take all the measurements and the project was ready in the blink of an eye. Their team is customer friendly and the prices are competitive.
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