Why are the benefits of Deck or Balcony Glass Railings?

The process of designing a new deck or balcony should take into account the deck’s style, size, materials to be used, and more. The design is important as a balcony or deck is such an integral part of the home and needs to complement the home’s style and design. A railing is an important part of this design. A patio can either take on a freeform style or you can opt to install a railing. Railings are popular amongst homeowners due to the added safety and the aesthetic value.

If you prefer to install a railing, you have various options to choose from. We have listed five of the most popular railing options amongst homeowners:

Durable commercial glass panels framed by subtle aluminum can enhance the design of any deck. Enjoy unobstructed views and upgraded safety on your patio.

Wood railings are traditionally popular, especially due to the relatively low manufacturing costs.

These distinctive deck railings are effective in regions with extreme weather, but they are typically on the more expensive side of railings options.

Iron, steel, or aluminum railings are another attractive and durable option. These balcony railings are harder to install though, compared to other types of railings.

Composite railings are often a low maintenance and affordable option for the majority of households, as they are made of prefabricated materials.

The numerous benefits of each of these railing styles make them suitable for most decks and balconies. However, more homeowners are choosing glass railings due to their distinctive minimalist style in today’s modern architecture.

Commercial Windows & Glass Company is one of the top glass and windows companies in the Chicago area. As such we have seen that a large majority of our clients prefer glass railings systems over any other railing system on offer. Clients can choose from either a framed or frameless glass panel design. Glass railing provides an uninterrupted view whilst adding a contemporary flair.

They are not only the ideal choice for any outdoor living area, but they also provide a unique fusion of freeform and railing, by being almost invisible. Let’s have a look at some more added benefits you can expect when installing glass railings for your balcony or deck.

The Benefits of Glass Railings

Uninterrupted Views
Glass railings, unlike most of the other options, have the advantage of providing you with uninterrupted views from your balcony or patio. Due to the transparent nature of the glass panels, there is nothing obstructing your beautiful view. Your view is not affected by wood, metal or any other railing material.

Beautiful Design
Glass railings have seen a gradual and steady increase in popularity, particularly amongst the top interior designers. They recognize the glass’s sleek and contemporary aesthetic value and incorporate it into their commercial and residential designs. The aluminum posts and rail framing match the custom glass designs perfectly. There are many varieties you can choose from, including decorative glass with etchings or a color tint. The choice is yours. Regardless of the option you select, all glass railings are made from tempered glass and the edges are polished for increased safety and security.

Even if you are not quite sure of the final design for your deck, it’s best to go with glass railings. Since the glass panels are basically invisible, they complement a variety of railing styles. For instance, if you decide at a later stage that you do not want a deck board after all, and instead go with a different flooring material, your glass railing will go well with any alternative. In fact, glass railings go well with just about any flooring style you decide on.

Strength & Durability
Glass railing offers effective protection against wind and extreme weather conditions. Custom glass railings are manufactured from one quarter inch tempered glass, which means they are incredibly strong and durable. It’s a great low maintenance choice as stair railings.

Effective Barrier
Custom glass railings provide an effective barrier between your patio and nature’s elements. The panels are solid with no gaps, unlike other types of railings. This effectively eliminates the possibility of anything falling through the railings.

Glass Stair Railings for your Home
Transform your balcony from drab to fabulous by installing customized designer glass railings. Let the professional team at Commercial Windows & Glass Company assist you with your dream deck or balcony. Framed or frameless glass railing options are available and will ensure a seamless view, without any visual obstructions. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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