Are Revolving Commercial Glass Doors Chicago a Good Choice?

All storefront doors Chicago, revolving, swinging, or sliding, have structural requirements specific to each, and they all have their advantages and disadvantages. Is a revolving glass door the right option for your storefront, or should you go with another door style?

Automatic or Manual Glass Storefront Doors in Chicago?
Manual revolving commercial glass doors are simple to you, quiet, and offer a certain elegance to your building. These are suitable for narrow entryways that do not need to accommodate large crowds of visitors, but they can also work well in situations that do have a high volume of traffic if you choose the right design.

Automatic revolving commercial glass doors provide incredible convenience for high-use entryways. The various operational settings allow for ease of use and an excellent welcome to guests. And since these are contactless doors, they also improve hygiene safety. This style of storefront doors Chicago includes automated error detection that can integrate directly into a building’s automation systems.

Advantages of Revolving Commercial Glass Doors Chicago
Revolving glass doors are most commonly found on commercial building entryways. They are all designed to provide a sealed environment to protect against drafts, sound, dust, and debris, which enhances the energy efficiency of the building. However, these kinds of storefront doors Chicago are only suited to be the lone escape and rescue access in very limited instances. To ensure safety, a “break-out” hardware with folding leaves must be included. Alternatively, it is possible to add a standard swinging door to go along with a revolving door. In doing so, you create a barrier-free access point that cannot be done using just revolving storefront doors. To determine the right door style for your business, contact us and we’ll make sure your commercial glass doors Chicago match precisely what you need.

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